Company Zhengou Group, is an integrated company engaged in the research, development and production of new chemicals used as building materials, as well as construction work required services. Our company has Awarded "China National Building Materials AAA Grade Quality Service" and "New High Technological Enterprise", was named the "Quality and Credibility of Double Protection Role Model Company" by Chinese government, and is an active member of China Association of Quality Inspection. Company registered capital of 130,000,000 China yuan, including into Top 30 Building Materials Companies in Shanghai. The Company uses imported equipment and the latest tecnoholgy formulation, in executing the company's commitment to support the production program of environmentally friendly products with the application of high-level technology, as a form of accountability to the community. Have a lot of experienced professionals in the field of construction who are very experienced to succeed the application of products, especially in the field of floor coating. Has a good reputation in the eyes of customers, and has served several reputable companies, such as: SGMW MOTOR, SAIC MOTOR, VOLVO, DISNEYLAND, IKEA, Decathlon, MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. , Caterpillar Inc., Foxconn, Shneider electric, ThyssenKrupp, BYD, Baosteel Group, Haier Group, Minth Group, Huayu Property, Shanghai Tower, Tsingtao Beer, Evergrande Group, China Railway Company, China State Construction, Shanghai Construction, etc.

Our company is active in disseminating information about the importance of modern floor coating concept, to create more value to customers, Related industries are moving towards healthy development. The company owns construction qualifications, as well as the support of highly experienced professional staff, to ensure the success of product applications, and to create ideal results using the lowest possible sacrifices. Our company cooperates with several Universities and Research Centers in china, we are regularly developing products using modern technology that has been recognized. As well as increasing investment into continuous product development, constantly looking for business partners who have leading technology. We are always honest and trustworthy, always build a close relationship with customers, as well as provide the best service for every customer. Struggling to advance Zhengou became the symbol of International Goods Goods.